The Zaban Paradies Center welcomes enrollment applications from couples looking for assistance to transition from homelessness to independent living.

Please read the following to learn how you can apply.

Enrollment and Documentation Requirements

  1. Contact Zaban Paradies Center to schedule an interview.

  2. Applicants attend scheduled interview appointment

  3. After the interview applicants will obtain the following documents listed below:

    1. TB, RPR, and HIV test (with results) within 60 days

    2. Homeless certification letter by a community service agency, shelter or local church

    3. Referral letter by a community service agency, shelter or local church

    4. Social Security Card

    5. Valid state issued photo identification

    6. Birth certificate. If you are married a marriage license (or proof of application)

    7. A diagnosis in writing from a physician or hospital (If diagnosed with a mental or physical disability)

    8. Written documentation of 1. SSI/SSDI; 2. General Assistance; or 3. Food Stamps

  1. Once the documents are obtained, applicants will contact the Director of Programs, for the next orientation

Applicants must be:

  1. A couple (married or non)

  2. Willing to take a drug test

  3. Over the age of 21.

Admission interviews for October 15, 2017-April 30, 2018 season are scheduled Monday–Friday from 10:00am–4:00pm.

Contact Marc Green or Dr. Karyn Woods at 404-872-2915 for more details.


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